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Uh oh...You Found Me!

Alright, I guess I'll 'fess up.

My name is Zech Smith,
and I'm a real

Scroll down and you can see all of the various E-books and Softwares I've collected.... There's a lot of them!

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Sales Page Primer - Unrestricted
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FtpLess Online Source Code Editor Script -
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Bum Marketing - How To Superglue Your
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123 thoughts on “
Uh oh… You found me!


    Zac Smith
    esto significa un regalo megafabuloso, o tienes un corazon tan grande que no te cabe en el pecho por tus semejantes, o te voviste totalmente loco.
    esto me va a servir de mucho en mis negocios en internet.
    te agradezco este super regalo, gracias de corazon, amigo mio

  2. Kamrul Hassan

    I bought your product/lifetime membership quite a some time ago. But I never saw your remarkable downloads earlier. I think I will just start downloading. One thing I would like to ask. Can I sell all these PLRs anywhere I like?


  3. Gerard M.

    What an astounding website and the generosity from Zech is truly amazing . As a freelance writer online, I am always on the lookout for great information for use in seed artcicles or just to adapt for an ebook etc. Though this website, I have now found an exceptionly reliable source with updated content, that will keep me busy for ages.

    Zech, you are truly The GREATEST.

  4. Patrick Crawford

    I don’t no how I managed to find your site but I’m really thankful I did. Wow I have never seen any marketer be this generous and giving I’m in total amazement.
    I must commend you Mr. Zech Smith for such a generous gift. You are a diamond in the ruff in this dog eat dog online marketing game that is so full of dishonest people. You give me inspiration to keep on striving to do my best everyday and to never give up.

    Thank You

    Alive n Kickin It!
    Pat C.

  5. Zech Smith Post author

    Hi Chua,

    The Back Yard and Underground Stash’s are separate. Both contain a great value, so I recommend both! The main difference is that the Underground Stash contains products that I’m not allowed to give you for free, whereas the Back Yard Stash is all products that have Giveaway rights.

    Hope this helps!


  6. Perse

    The content of your page is so huge that it overwhelm me. Thanks for offering this product download for free. Just remember freely you have give abundantly you will receive your reward. God bless and more power to you.

  7. Chua

    Dear Zech,

    Between your Back-Yard Stash for $9.95 and Underground Stash, which should one choose?
    Does the Underground Stash contain all the stuff included in the Back-Yard Stash or they are different selections?



  8. robert burns

    looking forward to learning from you. I have been on line for 12 months and I still have not made a dime.

  9. Jessie L. Dudley

    Thank you for all these great materials. You are always so generous
    and helpful. I am a newbie and will benefit from this expert info and
    MRR with resale rights as well a an upgraded membership.

  10. tolayskie

    AWESOME!!! this is huge, Thank you very much you are one of a kind, nobody give this for free. You are just wonderful. Thank you and God Bless

  11. Horvath Ernone

    Hi Dear Zech!

    You,re really Greit, thank you for sendings. As for me, I not really can be able to start with your wondeful downloads or getting anything with it.
    My computer,s statement doesn,t allows to me to work seriously, so little and slow kapacited. Frist I have to make it change for a better one,
    but I am glad to meet you and thank you very much for connection.

    Have a Greit Summer!

  12. Noah Adetilewa

    Hi dear Zech.
    Thanks a lot for all the free ebooks you sent to me.
    May God bless you for your kindness.
    Kindly send the link of a honest Work At Home Job to me as soon as possible.
    I trust your judgement in that aspect.
    Remain Blessed.
    Noah Adetilewa

  13. Donna

    you are a super-awesome guy! I appreciate very much you’re helping in such a wonderful way. I’m planning on utilizing what you so freely have given and hope I can make a little extra income. Thank you so much and may God bless you.

  14. Pricy P

    Lyk wow…..i just wish ah could download ‘em al. Thank u is an understatement Zech…..u av rili distinguished urself from the rest. Thank u. Just starting my blog, nid help doh. Buh wit dis contents here, il rili make it. I believe dat.

  15. Jonathon

    Excellent resources. As many of us know it’s easy to build up a collection of PDFs since so many are available for free but putting some to use (ie: taking action) is the only way to make money from them.


    thank you very much and i’ll give you a tip for the stock market invest in sony flash drives because it going to take a bunch to download all this thanks again roy jones

  17. STELLA

    Zech thank you for your generosity. You offer an incredible gift, which I have never seen before. It must have taken you ages to set it up. Thank you once again and may you succeed in everything you do.

  18. Tscholz

    You make harder and harder to follow in your footsteps
    and at the same time easer. I wish all marketers were like you.
    The internet world would a much place. I thank you from the bottom
    of my heart. keep up the amazing work. Thanks again T.

  19. Ralph Adams

    I’m a Disabled Veteran with a rare Nero/Muscular Pain Syndrome in the top 5% of the most Painful conditions in Medicine . The past 16 yrs have been a battle to stay alive w/15 surgeries implanted Pumps for Pain plus a Spinal Stimulator w/leads to my Brainstem!
    I have little experience will this information have on how to as was said name it and plug into your auto responder. I’m challenged for sure!!! I so new it’s bee only 6 mo.s that I have even tried to do any thing because of this Brain Malfunctioning Pain Disorder not functioning correctly and a total Newbie for sure??

    The info below I wouldn’t what to do with it to begin making money!

  20. Robert

    HEY Zack,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I’m a NEWBIE!!!! and this material is invaluable and FREE!!! It does not get any better than that.
    Kudos to you my man.

    God bless

  21. Mike Wong

    Hi Zech,

    FABIAN TAN found these gems and thought I’d like them .When I visited your site I was totally surprised to see so many awesome stuffs

    you are going to give away…Totally FREE with No “catch” and no opt-in.

    Thanks Zech for your generosity .God Bless you & your family

  22. berzakh mohadi

    Thanks so much,

    I will pass these on to others to give them a chance to have great quality products to make some money with.
    I too, like to help others succeed.


    berzakh mohadi

  23. Michae Bakare

    Thank you so much, may God bless you and replemish you, may God never stop blessing you for this Great gift you have giving us, may you and your family never lack any good thing in Jesus name. I love you for your generousity, kindness, humility,love, sharing, and greatness.
    A million thanks to you, and I promise I will take action immediately.

  24. Christine

    Hilfe! Never before in my life I opend a site whis so many download-links! I was really surpriced and impressed! Thank you very much for all that lots of free stuff!
    Roy Fielding was gave me the tip to your site.
    I´am german citicen and since already now six years I´m struggeling get on start a online business. The german gurus charge any information for very, very high prices, the most german people don´t can buy it.. So I went back to the american marketer sites to figure out, how to get start. By the internet Germany is 10 years behind America.
    Thanks again for this many free gifts. it will bring me some steps closer to my goal starting a mebersip site for german cooking.
    You are one of the good guys!
    Best regards,

  25. Karen

    Thank you very much for the gifts. It will be my pleasure to share them as you have done.

  26. Lt.. Cj Picard

    Hey thank you man!!!! just got from t,he war on the flip side and didnt nowhat i should do, missing an arm and 3/4qts of my left leg so not to much i can do anymore. so thanks my heart means it!!!

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